Cheap car insurance in Sacramento, CA

According to a certain source, Sacramento was considered as one of the best places that one can live in. This was mainly due to various factors like abundance of trees and parkland in the city, historical heritage and the city’s dedications to its citizens’ life quality.

Sacramento city is California’s capital and has a delightful history. The city was started during the era of gold rush as a main boom town, and eventually developed into the agricultural center it is today. The city currently produces a considerable food portion that is consumed by people from various parts of the nation. In addition, the climate of Sacramento is ideal for growing the Camellia flowers.

Sacramento Car Insurance Information

The city of Sacramento lies at the 113th position in a list containing cities that have the most expensive rates of car insurance in California State. As a matter of fact, vehicle owners in Sacramento pay 0.17 times or 17% less in auto insurance premiums than the auto insurance average of the State and 1.5 times/ 150% more than national average.

The annual average rates of auto insurance in Sacramento is approximately $1,486/ year in comparison to the nationwide average of $900. This makes it necessary to shop for few quotes of auto insurance before purchasing your car insurance policy.

The table below clearly shows the average auto insurance cost of Sacramento, California State and the national average.


In order to determine the company with the cheapest auto insurance rates, we compared the rates of various auto insurance firms that are based in Sacramento. It’s also worth noting that the rates of car insurance tend to vary based on the age or sex of the driver. However, the biggest factor that affects costs is the variability in the quotes of the companies. For instance, in Sacramento, the highest auto insurance quote was 220% or $2,376 as compared to the cheapest auto insurance firm’s quote that was $912. Therefore, we highly recommend that you obtain auto insurance quotes from a minimum of 3 car insurance firms so that you can make a comparison on their rates.

To make things even easier for you, we’ve made a list of the top 10 cheapest auto insurance firms in Sacramento together with their annual auto insurance rates in the table below.

Rank Auto insurance company name Annual rate
1 Bristol West 2376
2 Kemper Specialty 2172
3 Unitrin 1608
4 Grange 1416
5 Allied 1392
6 Progressive 1391
7 Century National 984
8 Nationwide 912

Sacramento Car Insurance Rate by Zip Code

In the above table, we’ve recorded data to compare various rates of car insurance rate in Sacramento by the zip codes. We’re attempting to give an explanation of how the rates of car insurance change when there is change of zip codes. For instance, the average auto insurance rate in Sacramento for a 30 year old male driver is $1802 for 95819 zip code. On the other hand, the average auto insurance rate for a similar driver is $2094 for 95824 zip code. We can evidently see that there is an increase in price of about $292/ year by about $559 when there is change in zip codes in the city of Sacramento. It’s therefore important to select the appropriate zip code so that you can obtain the cheapest auto insurance rate in this area. Luckily, this is exactly what Network auto insurance does for you. We can assist you select the appropriate zip code when insuring your car to ensure that you get the cheap auto insurance in Sacramento.

Sacramento Zip Codes Gender Age Average Rate($) Lowest($) Highest($)
95821 Male 30 1818 1150 2281
95834 Male 30 1982 1296 2486
95815 Male 30 2003 1469 2713
95824 Male 30 2094 1407 2649
95832 Male 30 1949 1418 2465
95817 Male 30 2015 1394 2507
95814 Male 30 1973 1363 2495
95816 Male 30 1906 1273 2436
95818 Male 30 1878 1090 2380
95819 Male 30 1802 1127 2292


Age Women ($) Men ($)
70 1819 1811
60 1696 1696
50 1787 1779
40 1927 1904
30 2120 2098
20 3933 4885

The table below contains data that compares the rate of auto insurance in Sacramento for both genders and various age groups. We’re attempting to give an explanation of how the rates of auto insurance is affected by gender and how they change with the driver’s age. For instance, the average auto insurance rate in Sacramento for 20 year old male drivers is $4,885. Contrarily, the average rate of insurance for women within the same age group decreases to reach $3,933. In addition, the car insurance rate for 30 year old female and male drivers is almost similar costing about $2,100 / year.

We can clearly see a huge decrease in price ($2,800/ year) while the age range of the driver moves from 20 years to 30 years. Additionally, Sacramento auto insurance quotes within the age range of 30 to 70 becomes stable costing approximately $1,600 for both genders. Therefore, you can obtain the cheapest auto insurance rate within this age range. Network insurance will help you select the right family member to get your car insurance to ensure that you get the cheapest auto insurance rate in Sacramento, California.


Insurance type Sacramento minimum requirement
Underinsured/ uninsured motorist property optional
Underinsured/ uninsured motorist bodily injury optional
Property damage $5000/accident
Bodily injury liability (per accident/person) $30000/ accident or $15000/ person

Sacramento city requires car insurance with the minimum protection from bodily injury of $15000 for every person to $30000 for every accident as well as $5000 for the property damage for every accident. Therefore, we recommend that you obtain the best probable auto insurance coverage through the cheapest price possible. Luckily, this is specifically what Network insurance does for you. Contact us and we’ll find you the cheap car insurance company based on your specific Zip code.

Top car insurance agents in Sacramento

Titanic Auto Insurance Services

10063 Folsom Blvd, Sacramento, CA 95827, USA

Cost-U-Less Auto Insurance Center

7213 Florin Mall Dr Ste A, Sacramento, CA 95823,USA

McClatchy Auto Insurance Agency

2410 Fair Oaks Blvd #140,Sacramento,CA 95825, USA

True Blue Insurance; Allstate Insurance agent

4030 Truxel Rd Ste A, Sacramento, CA 95834, USA

Ham Insurance Agency; Nationwide Insurance

2210 Del Paso Rd e, Sacramento, CA 95834,USA

Insurance on the Go Services

1610 Fulton Ave #2, Sacramento, CA 95825, USA

Eugene C Yates Auto Insurance Agency

2021 P St, Sacramento, CA 95811, United States

Auto Insurance Agent; Wally Navarrete

4030 S Land Park Dr d, Sacramento, CA 95822, USA

Baja Insurance Services

1502 W El Camino Ave, Sacramento, CA 95833, USA


About Sacramento, California

Sacramento is located at the meeting point of the American River and Sacramento River. The Old Sacramento district dates back to the era of Gold Rush, with wagon rides and wooden sidewalks.
  • Population 501334 (2018)
  • Population Density 4660 per sq. miles
  • Per Capita Income USD 37640
  • Latitude 38° 33’ 20” N
  • Longitude 121° 28’ 08” W
  • Land Area 325.19 sq mi
  • Area code 279/ 916